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Perhaps the greatest gift of humanity is its creative spark--humans have an innate ability to make new uses and tools and toys out of their environment. This site is devoted to paying homage to human creativity and creative arts. From here are listed web pages and websites that cater to creative arts or promote creative artists.

Creative Arts Philosophy

Being creative is more than having a talent or trait. Being creative is a way of life. Creativity should be compared to a philosophy of life that is not specific to arts as commonly conceived.

Creativity adds value to anyone's life by giving them the tools to find solutions in limited environments. A creative person can take base tools and turn them into morally significant objects. This is what an artist does every time he applies paint to canvas. It is also what athletes do when facing dynamic challenges on the field and entrepreneurs practice when managing new situations.

Practicing Creative Arts

It's essential for a well-rounded human to practice and promote creative techniques in his/her approach to life. Some things to consider follow:

Living Creatively

A true creative artist is not defined by a single art form. To be a true master of creative arts, you must be able to apply your creativity to more than one field of art and you must be able to apply your techniques to every arena of your life.

Creative Arts Resources

Artistic Network
The Artistic Network is a global arts directory that allows creative artists of any type to post profiles, articles, images, music and creative events on a searchable online database. The site is free. The site is located at
Art Critique Gallery and Forums
Art Critique Gallery and Forums is another free creative arts resource that allows artists to post their creative art in an online environment, encouragine positive criticism. The address is
Institute for the Management of Creative Enterprises
Institute for the Management of Creative Enterprises is a site whose mission is to promote the arts in Pittsburgh.
World Wide Arts Resources
World Wide Arts Resources is dedicated to connecting the people of the world to the world of art.

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